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Clarify, Simplify & Achieve your Vision

Do you have a grip on your business or does your business have a grip on you? Don’t let common problems & frustrations run you & your business. Get a grip & gain control with the Entrepreneurial Operating System®, implemented by a Professional EOS Implementer.


  • Do you feel overwhelmed by your business?

  • Are you worried about the lack of control?

  • Not getting the freedom that you expected from being an Entrepreneur?

  • Not getting the financial rewards you deserve?

  • Feel like you're hitting the ceiling on growth?

  • Trying everything and nothing is working?

  • Or perhaps you no longer love what you do?


If you have any of the above issues, then the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®) might be for you. Learn the secrets of the six key components™ of your business. You’ll discover simple yet powerful ways to run your company that will give you and your leadership team more focus, more growth and more enjoyment.


Based on years of real-world implementation in tens of thousands of companies, the Entrepreneurial Operating System is a practical method for achieving the business success you have always envisioned.


Successful organisations are applying it every day to run profitable frustration-free businesses – and you can too.


EOS®, the Entrepreneurial Operating System, is a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools that have helped thousands of entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses. Implementing EOS® will help you and your leadership team get better at three things:



Getting everyone in your organisation 100% on the same page with where you’re going, and how you plan to get there


Instilling focus, discipline, and accountability throughout the company so that everyone executes on that vision - every day


Helping your leaders become a more cohesive, functional, healthy leadership team that has fun together!


I started my first business when I was just 13 years old, so it's fair to say that Entrepreneurialism is in my blood. I didn't make my fortune but I learned a lot about running a business.

After education (I'm a trained Biochemist & Food Technologist), I started working in Multinational Corporates & learned a lot about global organisations. I then moved into Owner Managed / Entrepreneurial businesses & spent >7 years in Senior Management, GM & CEO roles. My role was always that of what I now know to be 'The Integrator' - the glue in the organisation. The person that makes things happen & keeps the team motivated & happy & focused. I took businesses that were flatlining back to growth, reinvigorating them through redefining their vision & building a culture to support it, along with introducing goals, focus, rewards & encouraging everyone to celebrate success. At the time I didn't really know what I was doing but it always seemed to work! During my 25+ years of working, I also studied for my MBA. It gave me an academic understanding of what Business was all about but it can't beat real-life experience!

I have owned & run 4 Businesses since then. The first, a text & marketing agency was a success & we had some great international & local clients. The 2nd business, an application & software development company started off great & ended a specular failure, going into liquidation. The 3rd, Ventell, my coaching practice, which started when I was invited to coach in one of the world's top incubators, The Icehouse,  continues to run successfully after almost 10 years & I have helped over 400 businesses to achieve success. The 4th, a business networking club & event space is still very much a work in progress - my startup passion!

I came across EOS when they used The Common (my Business Networking Club & Event Space) to launch into NZ. I read the books & spoke with the Australian team & immediately fell in love with the system & the values that EOS worldwide operate by. It put some simple structure around what I had been doing naturally for years, without knowing why it worked. I jumped in immediately, started using the tools & took the training to become a Professional EOS Implementer.


I am proud & excited to be a Professional EOS® Implementer & share this fantastic Model, Process & Tools that create the system with entrepreneurs around the world. I work with clients in New Zealand, Australia & the UK.

Check out my bio on the EOS Worldwide Implementers site:


Humbly confident – Open, honest, real, and well-practised, ready to make a positive difference

Grow or die – Driven to maximise every situation and to take ourselves and our clients to the next level

Help first – Subordinating our personal interests to advance others, always giving value before expecting anything in return

Do the right thing – Never betraying a trust and doing whatever it takes to resolve every issue so people can move forward

Do what we say – Sometimes more, never less

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Find out how EOS®, can help your business to gain traction & grow.

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Our clients are:

  • Privately held entrepreneurial companies

  • With 10-250 employees

  • Whose owners & leadership teams are:

    • Open-minded​

    • Respectful

    • Appreciative

    • Growth-oriented

    • Frustrated

    • Want help

    • Willing to be open, honest & vulnerable

  • Based in New Zealand, Australia or the UK​