How to run World-Class Level 10 Meetings

Compartmentalising Your Business

Learn to run effective business meetings using the Level 10 Meeting Agenda from EOS (


This essential time management tool will save your company time and help keep your leadership team accountable. This tutorial walks you through a successful 90-minute weekly leadership team meeting agenda. Running effective meetings is an important business skill you need to help grow your company.


In this tutorial you will learn how to: -Start and end your weekly leadership meetings on time -Effectively report on company priorities -Quickly identify, discuss, and solve issues -Maintain a weekly to-do list to keep your team accountable Quickly identify, discuss, and solve issues -Maintain a weekly to-do list to keep your team accountable

One major struggle for entrepreneurial leaders is managing their massive workloads and the endless list of "stuff" that needs to get done every day.


Mastering the art of Compartmentalising will help you free up energy and time for yourself, your team and your company – while maximizing your efficiency and productivity. You'll execute better, become more efficient, and FOCUS your team's energy. This video explains how to make a list of everything you have to accomplish, label it, and place it in the right compartment -- Goals, Rocks, To-Do's, or Issues.


This practice will help you and your team get a picture of WHAT needs to get done, WHEN It needs to get done, and HOW much of a priority it is.

Why Entrepreneurial Companies Need a Visionary and an Integrator

Did you know it takes two types of leaders at the helm of a 10-250 person entrepreneurial organization to have the “Rocket Fuel” it needs to hit the next level? They’re known as the Visionary and the Integrator.


As a Visionary entrepreneur, your passion, drive and creativity are the key elements that helped launch your business and fuel your company’s growth. But now… your company is growing and you’re swamped with an overwhelming workload, your engine is sputtering, stalling and your momentum stagnating. Every great Visionary hits this threshold.


Enter the Integrator. You need someone detail-oriented, who knows how to keep the team harmonious and productive, is great at resolving conflict, and can execute detailed plans for maximum results. That will give YOU the freedom to focus on what you were built to do-- blast off and catapult your company to its full potential.