Virtual EOS Implementation (Entrepreneurial Operating System) 

Whilst we have physical offices & a customer set up workshop space in Newmarker, we are also able to do virtual sessions for your leadership team.

Using state of the art technology, online tools & 3 video cameras around the room, we are able to conduct a leadership team meeting for up to 10 people in our virtual day sessions.

This means that we can operate no matter where you are in the country is at but also if your team is widespread, you can save on travel costs & travel time by doing the sessions virtually.

I'll be honest, we prefer to be face to face, however if your team can provide a reliable connection to zoom with good lighting so that we can see the 'whites of their eyes' & are prepared to be fully committed & engaged then we'll give it a go.

With her significant experience of being on TV & knowing how to engage with a distant audience, combined with her years of coaching & facilitating, Debra has now also become adept at doing virtual meetings & EOS Focus Day sessions during the lockdown. She has a naturally engaging & entertaining style, an ability to make the best of a bad situation & she'll ensure that no-one will lose interest and everyone will participate fully. She even has a virtual whip to crack :)

The only thing you will miss out on is the fabulous snacks, drinks & catering that we usually provide!

Don't let distance or lockdown be an issue - contact us today to book a virtual EOS Session for you Leadership Team.

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