• Debra Chantry

CLIENT STORY: Candice Nicholls, GM / Admin, Prep Plant Based Meals

Updated: Oct 22, 2020


“Today I was part of a management and leadership team focus day at VENTELL, Business Traction offices in Ponsonby.

I have never been so impressed by a facilitator. Debra Chantry-Taylor You were professional, confident and displayed such respectable humility towards us. From the minute I arrived I could tell the day was going to be quality. I definitely took away a lot as Im sure Nat\Dan did too. Thank u thank u thank u. You're an amazing woman, and a true asset to anyone lucky enough to work with you. I cant recommend E.O.S enough to any of my mates that have their own business. So valuable. And it must be done with only the best facilitator.... Deb!! 💟

Looking forward to our next day with you !!!”


"Today the PREP team and I ran/attended our first level 10 meeting based on the E.O.S model that we have been using with Debra Chantry.

I ran the meeting and found the format super easy to use, especially as I had a template to help me. We were able to clearly identify issues, discuss them and then solve them.

The meeting closed before the 90 minutes was up, because we spent less time talking and more time focused on the format of how the meeting should run. I personally liked how we use the scorecard in the meeting as a visual to see what areas we aren’t meeting our goals in. I’m looking forward to using this tool moving forward.

All staff that attended gave me feedback saying they felt like the meeting was effective and clear. Positive vibes all round and we are all actually looking forward to next weeks meeting instead of dreading it."


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