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Do you have the Right People in the Right Seats? If not, what damage is it doing?

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Image courtesy of - https://www.employmentlawhandbook.com/employment-and-labor-laws/firing-employees-bad-behavior-outside-work/

One of the biggest issues I see in Organisations & especially Entrepreneurial Organisations is the Wrong People in the Right Seat.

You know the ones - they are absolutely competent at what they do (sometimes even a genius at what they do) but they rub everyone up the wrong way, they can't play nicely with the team & they feel like a square peg in a round hole.

And this is BAD!

It's bad for them, it's bad for the team & it's bad for the company. Everyone deserves better!

It leads to disgruntled team members, bad morale, high staff turnover, less productivity, less achievement of scorecard measures & potentially decreased profits. And it can be extremely damaging for the individual - they may start to doubt their ability & lose their confidence & yet it's not about them. They're just in the wrong environment. So, it's bad all round!

Sometimes when a business grows fast, the people that you brought on, in the beginning, are not always the people you need as the company grows & changes.

These people NEED to leave the organisation & move on to somewhere where they are the Right Person in the Right Seat, so that you can find your Right Person.

The other side of this equation is the Right People in the Wrong Seat.

Again, we've all seen it, they fit in perfectly with your culture, they exemplify what your business is all about but they're just not in the Right Seat - they might be not capable or they may just not enjoy or love it.

These people also need to move on from this role.

This could be through training for capability or finding a Right Seat in the company for them - a job they are great at & have a real passion for.

However, sometimes you can't find them a Right Seat & then sadly it's time for them to move onto somewhere else. It's the BEST thing for everyone.

I know that with NZ law, we think it's hard to make changes, but there are simple tools that you can use in your Leadership team that will help. Sometimes the person themselves comes to the realisation & makes the decision for themselves, which is the right decision for everyone involved.

Talk to me about how I can help you ensure you have the Right People in the Right Seats across your organisation.

It's just one of the 6 Key Components in the EOS Model that when strengthened, lead to an organisation that has:

  • A strong VISION with everyone 100% on the same page, headed in the same direction

  • TRACTION to towards that vision & being held accountable for achieving the results required

  • A HEALTHY team that works together well, is open & honest & has fun.

Visit https://www.businesstraction.co.nz/book-online to book a 15-minute call with me & I can help you understand if EOS is right for your business.

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