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There's always someone who charges less! How do you create value in your business?

This just popped up on my Facebook. I think it's a great reminder about experience / skill set & value with regards to price.

For some, the right-hand painting might be all they need but if they were expecting the left-hand painting then they're in for a shock 😁

How do you create value in your business so that you are not fighting on price?

With EOS (The Entrepreneurial Operating System), we help you define your 3 uniques so that you can capture your niche & charge for the value you provide.

This is just part of the 8 Questions that we help you answer to define your Vision using one of the tools that make up the EOS Model.

The EOS 3 Uniques are Vision, Traction & Healthy:

  • Vision - Is having all of your team 100% on the same page & heading in the same direction. This is often easier than it sounds!

  • Traction - Is having people accountable for what they need to do to achieve the vision & taking steps forward

  • Healthy - Is about having an open & honest leadership team that works strongly together & knows how to have fun.

As an EOS Implementer my personal 3 Uniques are Experience, Vulnerability & Fun:

  • Experience - I have 15 years of experience of running my own businesses, both successfully & also with a spectacular failure as well as 10 years of running other peoples businesses. I've also spent the last 11 years as a professional Facilitator, Coach & Mentor & along with my MBA programme & other qualifications, I am also a formally trained Leadership Coach. So I have experience for Africa from all angles 😀 And all that really means is that I get it - It's not theory for me - I've probably been in similar shoes to where you are at & I can relate.

  • Vulnerability - I am not afraid to share with you both my successes & my failures along with the lessons that I learned so that you can learn from them too. You'll always get an honest answer from me, even if I know it's going to make me really vulnerable because I believe this is the best way for people to learn - not from all the bravado that gets put out on social media. Business can be tough but it can also be great & I want to share it all with you - the highs & the lows!

  • Fun - I truly believe life is too short. People can get too serious about business, and I get this as it can sometimes get overwhelming, however, I can help you bring the Love & Fun back into business & into your life 💖

All this is underpinned by a deep passion to help Entrepreneurs to live a better life - a passion that has driven me for over 15 years now!

And as you can probably tell from my writing style, I'm not into big words & making myself sound good - I'm just here to help.

If you'd like to learn more about what we do - take a look at our website & book in a FREE 90 minute session - CLICK HERE TO BOOK ONLINE

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